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Experience the allure of pro beauty transformations with full hair and makeup. Within the intimate confines of our studio, we can intensify the ambiance, ensuring your photos are not only breathtaking but also an everlasting testament to your enduring beauty.


Let's hit the trails babe! Let's walk alongside a glorious Texas lake or river and make magic happen. Or we can find an epic meadow and capture your radiance between the earth and the sky. Indulge in the pleasure of one of our most enchanting photo sessions!
Prepare to release your Iconic Trailblazing Temptress in this extraordinary experience set against the backdrop of a Texas outdoor oasis. Allow us to capture you in a moment of pure magic and glamour, embracing the open air and mother earths allure, basking in self-love and beauty.
These photos will transport you to the essence of your strength and power as a woman. Paired with a 16x20 professional print and luxury album featuring 20 captivating images, this session includes the complete STUDIO package experience, complete with exquisite hair and makeup to enhance the sensuality of your Iconic Trailblazing journey.


The Ultimate Divine Indulgence:
A High-End, Artistic Boudoir Experience for the Smoldering Empress Embark on a lavish 2-night 3-day odyssey, a blend of old-world opulence and modern luxury, designed for the woman embodying smolder energy and empress vibes. This exclusive boudoir package invites you into a realm where sensuality, spirituality, and self-love converge, capturing the essence of your inner seductress with a deep-seated self-love intensity.
Our mission is to create an experience that epitomizes inclusive luxury. Picture yourself in an environment of decadent splendor, tailored to indulge your most creative and smoldering desires. Each moment, be it a whisper of kinky playfulness or a burst of radiant confidence, will be captured in an artistic tableau, echoing the divine pleasure that resonates within you.
This journey transcends a mere photoshoot; it's an artistic and spiritual retreat, redefined. Delve into bespoke connective coaching sessions, crafted to kindle your inner fire and awaken a world of sensual enlightenment. Allow Christal to navigate you through a sensory exploration of somatic pleasure, unraveling the mystique of your desires and weaving them into a tapestry of unforgettable memories. 



Step into the world of timeless glamour with our exquisite "Thank Goddess for Glam Collection" – an exclusive add-on to elevate your boudoir photoshoot to unparalleled heights. Immerse yourself in the sophistication of classic black and white photography, capturing the essence of your radiance in a way that transcends the time and embodies opulence.
This curated collection has become a favorite among our clients, adding a touch of luxury to their experience. Picture yourself draped in nothing but a Lux Plush  Coat. (We provide gorgeous Faux Furs and if you would like to bring your own real or faux we welcome it.) There is just something so glamourous and powerful about a woman in fur, right? 
The "Thank Goddess for Glam Collection" is not just a photoshoot; it's an enchanting journey into the artistry of black and white imagery. With this add-on, you'll receive three additional digital images, each a masterpiece in monochrome, and accompanying 5x7 prints that showcase the delicate and powerful details of your beauty. Let's express your glamour!!!