What they are saying

“I have known Christal for over a decade, and had the pleasure of exploring many avenues of The Erotic Blueprints TM with her over the last couple years. Both Christal, and what she has to teach, has drastically changed my life in such extraordinary; and joyous ways. This beautiful Soul makes diving in shadow work a glorious experience. I simply cannot get enough of Christal in my life”

- James Slusser

Working with Christal has been the best experience. She has helped me align my mind with my body. I struggled with dissociation because of childhood trauma. I’ve found a remembrance of wholeness and appreciation for my body in its new shape and for its current season of its life. Christal does dark goodness really well. Meaning she guides you towards loving those taboo parts of your being that can provoke pleasure or pain and enjoying whatever arises because even what is “bad” can be good. I will work with Christal forever because she’s freaking amazing. I’d recommend her to everyone who needs to release shame especially around physical forms and unconscious feelings. I’m the luckiest person to have been able to be mentored by her! Beyond grateful for the changes she invoked in me.

-Megan Rose McMullin

Working with Christal has brought alignment, purpose, and authentic connection (to myself and others) back into clear vision for me. She was able to see me, believe in my skill and wisdom, and truly lavish in the wonderful connectivity that brought about creativity, celebration, and healing.

-Aubree Sentkowski

Christal has been my biggest teacher in accessing more of myself by coming back to my body and my sexual nature. It wasn't until working with her that I realized I was leaving massive amounts of my creative energy, fulfillment and expression on the table. She helped me go deeper into myself and the ripple effect it's created has literally shifted every aspect into my life. Everything is coming into alignment with who I came here to be.

-Ashley Bradley