This one is for the MEN!

This is for the beings that desire to graduate from the prince to the king!Can you feel your inner king calling you?Is your true nature waking the fuck up?Are you awakening to the wholeness of your being?Are you beginning to remember who you actually are?

Are you the warrior and sage archetype that is brave enough to feel it all?A being that is willing to walk in the fire of emotion and let the pain burn!Burn until it feels good! Because you know that you are alchemizing to the greatest version of yourself.Are you ready to let go of the conditioning of the patriarchy and embrace your own version of masculinity?

Is it time to be your true self? The sacred masculine energy!The self that can take on the woman of his dreams, the divine feminine energy, and make her yearn for him?The self that is fully capable of holding and expressing his purpose with power, presence, and freedom. The self that is not scared to surrender, because he knows that all of his magic lives in him loving himself that deeply. The self, in balance with the creative energy of the feminine. That works in union and harmony? The self that gives guidance and a container. The self that gives his wholeness without fear of intimacy and presence?

Embracing the qualities of the divine masculine is a path for spiritual seekers! Men that are on their spiritual journeys. When the male is ready to reach his full potential, he is ready to step out of toxic masculinity. No more avoidance. No more lack of presence. No more heartlessness. His only way is pointing to inner strength, mental strength, emotional strength and bravery to share his vulnerability.

Listen, love! Humanity needs you! It is time that we move into the era of love, pleasure, and interconnectedness. It's time that your hearts and your cocks align and you reclaim your whole beings! We need your thrust into freedom. We (the feminine) want your fight, your bravery, and your power?

So my question for you is are you embarking on a spiritual awakening? That will lead you to you the awareness of unconditional love and divine masculinity? .. Are you ready to feel your true feelings? Finding the best way to navigate life? To let go of everything that's been holding you back?

I promise you, it will be worth it.

You are worth it.


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