Here's the deal ... She craves the killer in you!

The man that will die for love!!!

The being that says I will kill my ego so that love can blossom here!

She craves the divine essence that responds to her feminine testing, with the deepest space holding!

Her pussy yearns for you to kill the illusions of separation with your ravishing energy!

The energy of your dark sex! The sex that could be channeled in ways that can, YES even cause harm or pain.

But instead, you channel it up from your cock through to your heart and you TAKE her!

You take her body into yours and unify ... killing the separation!

Together remembering your oneness, reminding her that even in the dark she can feel safe, safe to express, to open, to love!

This is what she craves!

The ravishing masculine guide, that says come into the dark with me!

We will take pleasure and emerge into the light as one!

Powerful tools to ravish your woman!

Get into your body - Be intentional! The feminine loves intention and direction. When the eros begins to fly and you know that the time is near for you to take your woman, first pause. Take a few moments to get into your body fully. Find a quiet space where you can do some breathing and get present with the dark erotic energy inside of you! Don't know how to find that energy?

Scan your body like a TSA scanner! Scan from head to toe and right to left! Find the place where this energy lives in your body by becoming acutely and subtly aware of the sensations in your body!

Feel it ALL - Begin to notice its qualities and characteristics. What color is it? How old is it? What is its shape? What is the essence of this energy? What does it sound like? What does it taste like? How heavy is it? How intense is it? Does it feel like toxic masculinity? Does it feel like an inner warrior? Most importantly how does it feel in your body? Secondly most important is that here you practice pure curiosity with a non-judgmental mind and heart. More on that in a future spiritual journeys post.

Refine your energy with love - Now that you feel the presence of this dark masculine energy pulsing through you it's time to refine it into dark and divine masculine energy. Next visualize pulling this energy into your heart space, while knowing that your heart space is the great filter of love! Once all of that energy is pulled into your heart it will be time to get curious about its true nature. Begin to notice how the energy has shifted. Start to become aware of the new version of this dark and upgraded energy. Qualities of the divine masculine begin to arise here as this darkness is purified by the heart.

Bring it back down - No need for this to stay all lovey-dovey as the point here is expressing your Darkside and ravish your lover! So now bring this energy back down to your sexual center in the body. Near the cock or energetic cock, for vulva-bodied folks. Bring it back down, now purified by love. Get present with how it feels in your erotic center. The new and sacred masculine energy that has come back to its home.

Intention - Approach her with this energy pulsing through your body! The best way is to let it guide your movement and your breath. Let the transmission of this energy fill and flow out of your body in your strength, your gaze, your voice, your touch, and your breathing. Use your body language! Give your partner direction, Use a directive touch sourced from love! Invite your partner to expand into their own kinky, sexual darkness and play with you in surrender. Make the space and everything in it yours -including your partner!

Polar opposites- The dark divine masculine is a total magnet to the dark divine feminine energy. They are opposite forces that yearn to be together to achieve completion. So as you present this energy to your partner be ready to awaken the dark divine feminine that is the truest essence of ecstasy!

So many options - This practice is simply one way of becoming more intimate with the divine masculinity inside of you and how its darkness can be something that leads you toward a fulfilled human experience. I bring this simple way to you so that you might awaken your divine masculine energies. Pointing toward your own sexual and spiritual awakening. So that you can practice unconditional love for yourself and your partner! Even in the darkness! This is not the only way but it is one way to build inner strength and reach full potential. Learning how to show up in perfect balance with your darkness and your light! Some choose different ways of awakening the divine masculine qualities and integrating darkness. So that one is making good decisions while ravishing their partner. I love to share the way of self-acceptance and love!

Curiosity is my pleasure - I would love to hear your own ideas, tools, desires, experiences tips, and tricks on ravishing your partner! Leave your experience in the comments below!



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