As women, we've been taught to see ourselves as objects for the pleasure and consumption of others. From a young age, we're told to dress and act in ways deemed "appropriate" by society's standards. We're told to suppress our desires and needs to be "good" girls and women. But when we embrace the dark feminine, we are given the great gift of understanding, "I am not here for your pleasure. I am here for my own pleasure and power."

And this isn't just about individual power. It's about collective power as well. When we as women embrace our own darkness and pain, we're essentially creating space for others to do the same. We're saying, "I see you. I hear you. And I support you in embracing your own power and darkness, and you are divine and perfect in it all!"

When women come together to embrace the dark feminine, we're tapping into a collective power that has been suppressed for far too long. We're creating space for ourselves and each other to fully remember our power as women. The feminine presence is the conduit through which life actually arrives on the planet. There is so much power in this.

But of course, embracing the dark feminine isn't just about rejecting societal norms. It's also about embracing the complexity and messiness of our own lives. So ultimately, it's not about rejecting anything, but rather using what is to bring us into a deeper experience with ourselves. It's about acknowledging that we're not always going to have it all together, and that's okay, not only ok but not having it all together and embracing that unabashedly is where the magic of the dark feminine lives. 

As someone who has struggled with anxiety and depression, I know first hand how hard it can be to embrace our own darkness. But the truth is, it's in those moments of darkness that we can find the most light. It's in acknowledging our own pain and struggles that we can connect with others deeply. It's in embracing our own complexity and messiness that we can fully show up as our authentic selves. Can you imagine ... being in all your messiness and showing up to that without shame?

So how can we embrace the dark feminine in our everyday lives? Well, it starts with giving ourselves permission to feel all our emotions fully. It means acknowledging that anger, sadness, and pain are just as valid as happiness and joy. It means allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and asking for help when we need it.

It also means embracing our sensuality and our own bodies. This can look different for everyone, but it could mean exploring our own bodies through masturbation or simply allowing ourselves to feel pleasure in all its forms.

And, of course, it means being willing to confront our own pain and our own darkness. This can be a scary and uncomfortable process, but it's also incredibly empowering. It means taking ownership of our own lives and our own experiences.

In conclusion, embracing the dark feminine is a radical act of self-love and rebellion. It's about embracing all aspects of the feminine experience, even the ones that aren't traditionally seen as "positive." It's about connecting with our intuition, our emotions, our sensuality, and our own pain. And if you are extra kinky, be able to find the joy and pleasure in that pain. ;)

It's not always easy to embrace our own darkness and pain, but it's in those moments of vulnerability that we can find the most strength and power. So let's embrace our darkness, our pain, and our power. Let's fully remember who we are and what we're capable of.

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