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UnKink Us Couples Coaching Sessions

UnKink Us Couples Coaching Sessions

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Introducing the inclusive Couples Session coaching experience, led by Christal Hart "Certified Erotic Blueprint Coach", designed to support clients in conquering their nerves and self-conscious blocks when preparing to release anything in their way that does not allow them to be fully empowered in confidence and pleasure.

With Christal's extensive training in moving stuck energy in the body, releasing body shame, and empowering individuals to embody their truest selves, you're in expert hands. She's a magician of self-confidence, armed with a magical toolkit to banish those pesky insecurities that are holding you back.

Remember, you deserve to live a life free from shame, self-consciousness, and limitations. This coaching experience with Christal Hart is your passport to that life—a life where you embrace your true sensual connection and pleasure, stand tall in your power and slay shame with love and confidence. Say yes to a journey of igniting your passion and book your couples coaching experience today!

The 4-Session Coaching option is for couples that specifically want to deepen the connection, calm the nervous system, shake out any stuck energy, and integrate expansive pleasure before their photoshoot!  Giving you photos that represent the authentic electricity and passion you have for each other.

All sessions are over Zoom and are 60-90 minutes 

Benefits of saying YES PLEASE #UnKinkME

  1. Liberation from Shame: This coaching experience is designed to create a shame-free zone where you can release the burden of shame that may be holding you back. Christal Hart's expertise in helping couples move past shame allows you to break free from its chains and step into a space of self-acceptance and radical self-love. Allowing the couple to show up to their photoshoot ready to express and be seen.

  2. Increased Body Confidence: Say goodbye to body insecurities and hello to newfound body acceptance. You will learn to embrace your unique beauty, celebrate your bodies, and recognize that you both are perfect, without anything to change. You'll learn to appreciate and love yourself and each other just as you are, allowing your true radiance to shine through.

  3. Unleashing Inner Strength: Slaying shame means tapping into your inner strength and resilience. Through empowering exercises, you will be led to unlocking your hidden strengths, helping you realize your capacity for courage and self-assurance. You'll leave the coaching experience feeling empowered to step onto your most embodied and empowered selves.

  4. Long-lasting Presence and Connection: The impact of this coaching experience extends well beyond the coaching session. You'll develop a foundation of connection with each other that will continue to grow and flourish in all aspects of your life. The tools, insights, and mindset shifts gained will support you in embracing your relationship, no matter the circumstances.

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