The sexual shadow is the part of you that lives in the darkness, unexpressed and unowned. It is the sexual part of you that feels too scary to bring out into the world, for fear of being judged or losing love. It is the part of your sexuality that you are ashamed of, or feel guilty about. It might be something you have done in the past or something you fantasize about doing. It might be something that turns you on but feels taboo. Whichever way it hatches it is still rooted in the yolk of disconnection between you and you. A sexual wound that is just too painful to look at.

These parts of you living in your shadowy field are still YOU! They just are not included and owned in your conscious mind. The unconscious mind is the deliciously dark space that the sexual shadow hides out. Simply waiting for perfect moments to create in our lives and self-sabotage.

What happens when we allow these parts of us to live in the darkness, unexpressed? They end up coming out sideways. We might act out sexually in ways that are harmful to ourselves or others. We might repress our sexual desires altogether. We might partake in even more activities that would be traumatizing to the body or our own lives.

All of this is a result of sexual shame that is alive in the body in the first place. Sexual shame is the belief that there is something wrong with our sexual desires or sexual bodies. It's the belief that we are not supposed to desire sex the way that we do, or that we are not supposed to have certain sexual desires. Sexual shame keeps us small and prevents us from experiencing the fullness of our sexual truth. I am here to help my clients dissolve this shame. To be fucked open to loving ALL of themselves, allowing pleasure, desire, and love to flow through. We deserve it and it is our birthright. The feeling of being in the rapture of pleasure is the true essence of who we are and it is my honor to guide humans down this path of remembering.

If you're interested in sexual shadow work, I highly recommend the book "Existential Kink" by Carolyn Elliott. It's a beautiful and empowering read that will help you to connect with your sexual/kinky self.

I also recommend reading anything by Carl Jung, as he was the one who originally coined the term "shadow work." His work is very dense, but if you're up for a challenge, it's worth it!

Making love to your sexual shadow is the first step to liberating yourself sexually. It is an act of self-love and self-acceptance. By embracing your true nature, you can begin to experience the freedom and pleasure that you deserve.

Your sexual energy is creative energy! It is the force that has brought all of humanity into existence. Channeling it into something that fulfills your heart and is productive is the key to a life devoted to pleasure. If owning your erotic energy and sexual shadow feel scary to you, that's ok. This is completely normal and healthy to have respect for the power of this energy and how it can play a part in your life. And at the same time, this is the energy that will hand you back your power, it will center you in the truth of all you desire to create and be in this life.

It took me personally a long time of sifting through my shadows to feel like I can emerge on the other side, connected to my life force energy in ways I never knew possible. I have the sex life of my dreams, I have healed sexual traumas, my sexual desire is my superpower and I am friends with my shadow aspects so they no longer create in my outer world.

If it is time for you to dive into your hidden parts and remember who the fuck you are as an erotic being then let's jump on a call to discover if you are a match for me serving you!

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